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SAM3, the best radio automation software out there!


IMPORTANT: Please use our new website to purchase our products. We have kept the old site here for nostalgic reasons and to maintain support of our old products! Below are links to appropriate product categories on our new site!

Accesories can be accessed here:
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Antennas for FM radio (GP, dipole, log-periodic, 3/4 wave exterminator)
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RDS MAX 3.0 is the latest in line of our RDS encoders. It combines the accumulated knowledge and experience gathered with RDS MAX v1.0 and 2.0 and brings new enhanced features, smaller size and increased reliability. RDS MAX 3.0 scrolls PS faster than previous versions and supports more than 3 times as many PS, more than you'll ever need. Compatibility with any RDS tuner out there is guaranteed. RDS MAX 30 can also pick up MP3 ID tag from Winamp and transmit it as PS or radiotext on your RDS-enabled receiver. PS scrolling is supported as well. Jazzler support is coming soon, too. In short, if you're using your PC and WinAmp or Jazzler to play your audio over the transmitter, now you'll finally be able to send the song and artist name to your listeners! Among other features are dynamic PS (also in stand alone mode, without a PC), PTY, TA, RT, CT, ECC, EON and others.
RDS MAX comes with MPX feedthrough function, meaning all you have to do is connect it between the stereo encoder and the transmitter. New enhanced PLL circuit makes it easy to lock RDS MAX 30 to stereo pilot. Suitable RCA connectors are already on the PCB board. Connection to the PC is via standard RS232 cable. New black anodized enclosure is smaller, looks better and is more convenient to use. External TA switch makes it easy to switch to TA even without a PC, in stand-alone mode.

- Greatly extended number of PS supported
- Much faster scrolling now possible, also PS scrolling
- No problem with any RDS radio tuner out there
- If you have RDS MAX 2.0 already, you're eligible for a upgrade rebate, making it possible to purchase RDS MAX 30 cheaper.
- PLL lock led now visible from the outside (see picture)
- TA switch on the board, for easy and convenient TA toggle
- Smaller and much nicer black anodized box (the pic on the website is not so good since it is very difficult to take a good picture of a black object, in reality it looks much better)
- Firmware upgrades available free of charge (you can now upgrade your unit yourself)
- ECC support, CT and EON planned with next firmware upgrade
- Basic windows driver is available immediately to those who want to experiment with the unit


  • Requires DC stabilised voltage, 11-18V/0.1A
  • MPX output Impedance: 75 Ohms, unbalanced
  • MPX input Impedance: 600 Ohms, unbalanced
  • PC Board Size: 98x65mm
  • Audio connectors: all RCA jacks are mounted on the board
  • Power jack: on board, 2.1mm, center positive
  • RDS carrier: 57KHz, phase locked to stereo pilot or internally generated (if mono)
  • RDS filter with very sharp passband switched capacitor filter (excellent rejection superior to other cheaper units out there)
  • Audio Input Level: 0 dB (input level is preserved at output - no distortion of level by the unit)
  • RDS output level: adjustable with a trimmer
  • RS232 connector on the PCB for connectivity with a PC
  • Galvanically isolated from RS232 (PC) port, preventing ground loops (hum), a feature not found in any of the other low cost units out there

Included program supports all Windows flavours! Jazzler support coming soon.

Unit can also work independently from the PC.

Have a quick look at the manual!

Linux driver is under development!

If you want to play with the windows driver, a basic version is included on the installation CD so you can start immediately (it is written in Visual Basic). Entire protocol has been simplified and is now really easy to use.

NEWS FLASH: Programmers can now write their own RDS MAX 30 driver and with a bit of luck win 500 euro! You will be given sample RDS MAX 30 VB code and you can use it to write your own RDS MAX driver. You will also receive full protocol info and any support/info you might need. More info here: http://www.pcs-electronics.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1277




RDS MAX, 2 boxed with lid removed....


RDS MAX v3.0 assembled
RDS MAX 3.0 in black enclosure
Mains power supply (110-220V/12V)
RDS MAX v3.0 trade in (with returned RDS 2.0)

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The X-RDS PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM has all the features you would ever need from an RDS encoder and at a fantastic price. Supports scrolling text and timed text lists.

You can program up to 8000 charachters of programme service name information into the encoder to provide you with a whole wealth of text transmission possibilities.

Programming is simple with the supplied windows program which can be used directly or remotely via satellite. All RDS groups are supported including 'real-time' time and date. The RDS encoder provides a full loopthrough interface for connection to your existing broadcast chain.

Included accesories:
12V Power Supply
Now with RS232 cable included!!

RDS Signal
Coding Differential and Bi-Phase
Modulation DSB Supressed Carrier
Frequency 57 kHz
Bandwidth +/-2.4kHz
Level Out 0-700mV pp
Phase 0-90
Inputs 19kHz Pilot Tone and MPX at Rear, AC Coupled
Pilot Impedance 10K
MPX Impedance 10k
Outputs MPX + RDS at Rear, Unbalanced, AC Coupled
Impedance 10K
External Synchronised to 19 kHz Pilot Tone
Freq Lock 19kHz +/2 Hz
Terminal Interface RS232-c at Rear, Async
Data Input Full Duplex
Format Selectable
Speed 1200-19200 baud
Connector DB9
Operating Temperature 0-55C
Power Supply 110/220 VAC
Power Requirements 6VA
Dimensions 483x44.5x240mm, 19 inch 1 HE
Weight 3 kg





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