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SAM3, the best radio automation software out there!


IMPORTANT: Please use our new website to purchase our products. We have kept the old site here for nostalgic reasons and to maintain support of our old products! Below are links to appropriate product categories on our new site!

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10W AM transmitter, now with DSP audio processor

There's been a void in the LPAM market for a long time.... a big lack of an affordable, high audio quality and reasonably powerfull AM transmitter. That's why we sat down and designed AM MAX I. After evaluating the AM MAX I for a while we came up with a new design, this time based on DSP. This makes it possible to control parameters of the audio chain, such as the compression, low pass audio filter cut frequency and preemphasis via convenient menu system (control unit now comes with LCD display). Other features, such as the fully solidstate PWM modulator which ensures absolutely crisp modulation, heatsink that bolts to the enlosure for perfect cooling and LCD display unit make AM MAX II DSP really shine. Due to innovative PLL design this unit offers incredible low phase noise and is covering extremely wide frequency range. PLL steps are 1KHz just because nobody asked for less. Hardware supports much smaller steps. Units come with schematic diagram which shows the crucial details of the transmitter, making it possible to use the PWM and PLL in another design with higher output power. You can make use of the relay switch logic as well. Fuse and main on/off switch are now right on the PCB. Perfect for system integrators. Everything else can be controlled via display unit and the UP, DOWN and MENU keys. OEM version available on request. Distributors wanted. AM MAX II DSP comes in two versions, one for the broadcast band and one for the HAM bands. Broadcast version is available right now. HAM version should be available in about one month. PLL supports up to about 30MHz. 19" rack enclosure units are available. These enclosures have enough space inside for two extra PCB's (holes are predrilled for them) and two extra apertures at the back for an optional Canon connector and SO239 connector. This gives you plenty flexibility and makes it easy to implement modifications/extensions.

Have a quick look at the manual (AM MAX II DSP)!

Have a quick look at the manual (LCD module)!

Technical specifications:

- RF Output Power AM: 4-15W carrier (13.8-22V DC stabilised)
- Peak RF Output Power: 16-60W
- Output connector: BNC or SO-239 (on request)
- Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
- Frequency Range (MW version): 540-1710KHz (ask for other - 5000KHz-6000KHz etc)
- Frequency Range (HAM version): 160m, 80m, 40m (see price list below)
- PLL Steps: 1KHz
- Frequency stability: +/- 50Hz (trimmer on the PCB for fine tuning)
- Spurious/Harmonic rejection: Harmonics: -50dB, Spurious: -80dB
- Power Supply: 13.8-22V/4A DC stabilised
- Quartz Locked PLL Frequency Control, extremely low phase noise due to special design
- Ultra Stable, Ultra Clean Output
- Wideband design, no tuning required
- Audio performance: compressor, low pass filter, limiter, treble, bass adjustment
- RF output ruggedness: > 2:1 VSWR
- Modulation: AM (CW is possible with a small mod).
- PCB size: 170x125mm (LxW)

AM MAX II DSP, click for a big high detailed picture!


Suitable DIY antennas for the AM transmitters:
Link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5

Discuss AM transmitters in our forum!

AMMAXII 540-1710KHz 19 inch rack
AMMAXII HAM 40m-80m 19 inch rack
AMMAXII 6-7MHz 19 inch rack
Professional 19 inch predrilled rack
Suitable 19V power supply
Optional XLR board

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