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SAM3, the best radio automation software out there!


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A KIT solution, an affordable professional unit

Frequency counter is one of the basic electronic measuring instruments. Many similar projects have been published in the previous years, but they all either lacked functionality, reliability or were simply too complex. This article presents a low cost frequency counter with a rich set of very useful functions (for example addition or subtraction of  intermediate frequency - 10.7MHz, 455KHz, 9MHz or CUSTOM) putting to shame even many professional and much more expensive models. Microcontroller does most of the work and keeps circuit simple. This is an easy to assemble KIT, including microprocessor and all parts, including mains transformer. A prescaler can be added to extend its usefulness to 4GHz or more (unit will display correct frequency with prescaler installed). Extensive instructions are provided with the unit.

Freqmeter, an example of enclosure (LCD option)


  • Display: LED or LCD (specify)

  • Display: LED or LCD (specify)

  • Freq. range: 0 to 1000MHz 

  • Power consumption: 2W

  • Input sensitivity: 200mV typ

  • Input sensitivity: 200mV typt 70~ C.  

Freq. meter - LED display
Freq. meter - LCD display

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