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SAM3, the best radio automation software out there!


IMPORTANT: Please use our new website to purchase our products. We have kept the old site here for nostalgic reasons and to maintain support of our old products! Below are links to appropriate product categories on our new site!

Accesories can be accessed here:
Transmitter accesories
Dummy loads
Coaxial cable and connectors
Mains power supply units
SWR and POWER meters
Wireless radio links

AM Transmitters (AM MAX)
FM Transmitters (Cyber Max+ and Cyber max micro)
FM kits (MAX PRO 3+, MAX PRO 4)
Antennas for FM radio (GP, dipole, log-periodic, 3/4 wave exterminator)
RDS encoders (RDS MAX 30)
Stereo encoders
Studio equipment
Electronics components (RF transistors, mica capacitors and much more)
Ham stuff
Solar powered transmitters

Also check our new guides here:
How to start
Coaxial cable
Audio equipment
New schematics
Wizards (formulas for radio)
Power supply


10GHz link system

An economic but effective line of sight microwave link system consisting of a varicap tuned Gunn oscillator with horn antenna, modulation pcb, Digital AFC'd PLL'd tuner, LNB, cables and power supplies. A cost effective rock solid, auto tracking, amazing performance solution when you need to send your audio over some distance. Outstanding signal to noise!

10GHz link system

Setting up is as easy as pointing the transmit antenn at your transmission site and then pointing the LNB back towards your studio. Sit back and enjoy the quality of 'direct connection sounding' microwave technology. The standard system will link over line of sight paths of over 5 miles. This range can be increased to over 10 miles with the addition of a dish to the receive end. The baseband (audio) input can easily cope with a variety of input signals from simple mono audio to multiplex stereo.

A 10.31-10.36 GHz version is available for licensed use in the UK. Contact the sales team for more info.

Every thing is provided in the box for plug and play operation, even cables and power supplies. This system employs varactor tuning for a minimum of 10dB extra performance on distortion figures. The receiver has digital AFC to track the transmitter signal without adding distortion unlike cheaper analogue resistor/capacitor methods. Do not confuse this system with other systems that simply modulate the gunn diode voltage and employ no or poor receiver AFC methods.

1. Gunn Oscillator and PCB with Varactor tuning and Horn Antenna
2. Gunn Power Voltage Regulation/Varactor Modulation PCB with Level Control
3. Receiver PCB with Digital Autotrack PCB
4. Low Noise Block (LNB) for receiver downconversion

...All items in System 1 plus...
5. 2 x 15V Universal Input Power Supplies and Mains Cables
6. Molded 10m F-Type lead for connection from the LNB to receiver PCB
7. 10m Screened Twin Audio Cable for connection from the Gunn PCB to the modulator PCB

The Gunn oscillator and driver pcb option contains the Gunn oscillator on a pcb together with the audio modulator driver pcb. This option is for people who want to make their own TX link box but don't need the recieving part of the system.

Our opinion: Just like having a long cable, it sounds that good


  • Frequency Range 10.65GHz (others on request)
  • Output Power (gunn) 10mW min.
  • Antenna Gain (horn) 15dB
  • Power (TX PCB) 15VDC 500mA (supplied)
  • Power (RX PCB) 15VDC 1000mA (supplied)
  • LNB Input Range 10.800GHz-11.9 GHz
  • LNB Output Range 800MHz to 1900MHz
  • RF Bandwidth 18MHz
X-Band Dish (60cm) for Extra Range
Gunn oscillator and driver PCB
SYSTEM 1 (PCB Modules)
SYSTEM 2 (Sys 1 + Cables + Pwr Supplies)

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VHF LINK SYSTEM by PCS Electronics

An economic but effective and stealth small distance VHF link system, consisting of a PC transmitter card (a PCI card with link transmitter) and a dedicated microprocessor controlled receiver. A cost effective, stealth (link transmitter is inside a PC, but can also work in stand-alone mode), rock solid (PLL controlled) small distance link system. A very cost effective solution for sending your audio up to 10 km far (requires clear sight of view with high-gain directional antennas). Link transmitter includes stereo encoder (it can be disabled with a windows program), which means you get a full MPX signal at the receiving side and your main transmitter can be mono, minimizing your potential losses. Both receiver and transmitter use standard TV antennas, which can be inexpensively purchased in high-gain configurations!

10GHz link system

- PC card link transmitter, stereo FM transmitter
- VHF receiving module (outputs MPX or mono signal - selectable)
- Frequency range: TV channel 2-6 (55-85MHz) or 7-9 (175-190MHz)

- Power supply for receiving module (can be ordered below)
- Two directional antennas (use wire for small distance or order below)
- Coaxial cable (use RG58 or any other 50-75ohm coaxial cable)
- PC with WindowsXP or a LED module for stand-alone operation

Specify frequency band under comments when you place your order! Receiver is universal!


STL MAX 1 PC card transmitter
Stand-alone LED module
STL MAX 1 receiver

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